About LVT

You've heard the term; LVT, you may even know that it stands for Luxury Vinyl Tiles, but what exactly are our planks made from, and why would you pick dryback over click?

The following guide tells you everything you need to know about LVT and how to pick your perfect floor.

Dryback LVT

Referred to as either dryback or stick down, this is your standard LVT product. It can vary in thickness from 2 - 3 mm and needs to be bonded to the floor with either a self-adhesive underlay or glue.

Subfloor preparation is key for this product which is why we always recommend that you get a fully trained installer to fit your floor. The work put into making sure your subfloor is perfect, will lead to the best possible installation and a floor that will look perfect for years to come.

Benefits of Victoria Design Floors Dryback LVT

  • easy to clean
  • warm underfoot
  • water resistant
  • pet friendly
  • durable

Click LVT

Our click planks are made using a stone polymer compound. This means that they are super strong. They also benefit from 5G push click technology which makes installation even easier.

They come with built in underlay which not only helps with noise reduction of up to 20dB, it also allows your sub floor to be a little less than perfect. So if you have original tiles that you don't want to dig up, or existing floor boards; as long as your floor is dry, smooth and crack free, installation using these won't be a problem.

Benefits of Distinctive Click LVT

  • Built in underlay
  • Sound reduction of up to 20dB
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Perfect for conservatories and south facing rooms
  • Great for laying on top of new concrete or some existing floor types

Benefits of LVT

We use icons to represent special features within the product ranges.


Wear Warranty

Our ranges have different warranties. This is linked to the wear layer we use on the product; the thicker the wear layer, the longer the warranty.


Bevelled Edge

To make sure our planks and tiles are as realistic as possible, we bevel their edges. This means that when they fit together you will see a small V shaped groove in between the pieces.


Emboss & Embossed In Register

An emboss is where a plank or tile has a texture on the surface. Embossed in register is where the texture of the product matches the design layer underneath. If a plank has a knot in the wood, you will also feel this on the surface.


Water Resistant

All of our products are water resistant. Which means you don't have to worry if you spill anything or come in from the rain wet. A quick mop over and your floor will look good as new.


Underfloor Heating

Our floors are suitable for use with underfloor heating up to 27°, which means you can stay toasty warm, all winter long.


Easy To Clean

One of the best things about LVT is that a sweep with a soft bristled bush and a quick mop leaves your floor looking like new.


Warm Underfoot

We mentioned earlier that our products offer the look of the real material, without any of the drawbacks, and being warm underfoot is a great example of this.


Pet Friendly

They're an extension of the family so it's important that pets are considered too. Being easy to clean and warm underfoot makes LVT the purrfect flooring for pet lovers!